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Q1 | Why

MauKaze is providing a platform of communication where the buyer can contact the seller directly.
We believe that every Mauritian should have the opportunity to buy and sell a property without spending extra money on commission.
It is a website for individual to individual.

Q2 | Who is allowed to advertise?

The owner of the Property or any other person acting on behalf of the owner but who is not a sales representative perceiving any commission or fees.

Q3 | How do I advertise?

• Create an account by registering in accordance to clause 4 of the General Terms and Conditions.
• Subscribe to a package
• Advertise

More details: click here

Q4 | Does register cost me anything?

No- it is free.

Q5 | Does advertising cost me anything?

Depending to the package you choose.
Please refer to the list of packages available: click here

Q6 | How do I pay for the advertising packages?

Payment can be done via :
Bank Transfer to our MCB or SBM account or by Credit Card.

Q7 | Will the payments be secured?

Users of can make online purchases in a highly secure environment.

Q8 | Which currency is used?

The currency used is always the Mauritian rupee.

Q9 | Who set the advertising prices?

The prices advertised for the Properties are set by the Users and not by the Company.

Q10 | How do I pay to lease, to rent or to buy a property?

Directly with the leaser or seller.
No payment will be done through this website.

Q11 | How do I contact the person who is advertising?

Through the online form provided in the property details.

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Q12 | Can I get a refund?

All fees are non-refundable.

Q13 | Can I change or edit the specifications of the property advertised?

Yes you can, by:
1) Go to your Properties List (click here)
2) Find you Property and click on Edit.
3) Do your modifications.
4) Then save your changes.

Q14 | How do I contact

By sending us an email on or by using the contact us form.

Q15 | How do I unsubscribe?

By sending us your request on

Q16 | What to I do once the house is sold?

Yes you can, by:
1) Go to your Properties List (click here)
2) Find you Property and click on Edit.
3) Find the category “Select Property Status” and change the status to “Sold” or “Not available”.
4) Then save your changes.

Q17 | Is my personal information safe?

We are committed of protecting your personal informations.
The Company is using an industry-standard practices and security measures to safeguard your data collected from you.

Q18 | Can I advertise more than one property?

Packages are design for 1 property at a time. If you need a special package contact us: